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camping and annoying  

    1. when camping ask a child for a lighter  

2. play loud pusic till 5 am

3.park your pitch on top of another

4 get one person to ask somone to go into your room in the caravan then shout at them for stealing

5.  get your dog to "meet" someone who is scared of dogs.

6. sign up various people to do karoke.

7. At bingo go next to someone and shout bingo in there voice.

8. When someone has left there tent take the pegs out and take the tent.

9.Sing outside someones tent "why do birds sudenly appear" then when they ask what the hell you are doing say this isn't pay's place then and go somewhere else and do it.

10.Bark at a dog.

11. Howl like a wolf.

12.Pretend you are drunk and say hi honey in everysingle tent.

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