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101 Pranks on a Waitress


1. Order a ethopian cup of coffe.

2 Order deep fried toad.

3 Tell the waitress to come dressed as a belly dancer.

4. Ask her name then call her dory.

5 If he is male waiter call him Billy and pretend you are and old man.

6. Ask for breakfast menu at five o'clock in the afternoon.

7 Say 'I have a letter for Dory'

8 Ask for a bottle of water that comes from a river in Hong Kong and someone must have shipped it here by swimming here.

9. Pretend you are chocking then when someone saves you inquire if they are an angel.

10 Call everyone and everything "thingy" eg. I would like to order thingy with a glass of thingy and thingy on top

11.In a Italian restaurant ask for a sushi.

12 In a sushi restaurant ask for a hataranzo sword

13 Start hitting on her then shout at her for hitting on you.

14 Take the reservation book and put reservations for 4am.

15 Tell her are you the girl off XXX TV.

16. Start having a bleeding hand with a fake one.


17 Have a "fancy dress"  at a posh restaurant.